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Concrete removal from Nu-Look Driveways is fast, affordable, and effective. Our technicians in concrete removal are experts and...
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Despite our very good reputation, Nu-Look Driveways keeps its prices competitive to cater to all clients!

Welcome to Nu-Look Driveways

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David Dertina, CEO of NU-LOOK DRIVEWAYS is a former builder/developer. His last development was Baybridge Condominiums, a 42 unit Luxury Condo project located at 25th and Kipling in Lakewood. Go by and take a look – see the quality of the workmanship. Also, go by 14th and Simms in Lakewood and see how David turned the old Daniels Elementary School Building into an office and storage complex. David is a former co-owner of a concrete delivery company which owned four mobile mixer concrete delivery trucks so we have a much greater knowledge of concrete than many of our competitors. Numerous city and development work including curb, gutter, and sidewalks has provided Nu-Look Driveways with a vast area of expertise and knowledge that can be very beneficial to you.

For concrete home improvement projects such as driveways, patios, porches and sidewalks, we have a number of job choices available to you from our company:

1. HIGH-STRENGTH COMMERCIAL GRADE CONCRETE TEAROUT AND REPLACEMENT. If you are looking for longevity and durability then it may be in your best interest to choose our company as our bid includes a commercial grade concrete job that is equal to the city, county and state requirements. This would include extensive ground prep work, top quality concrete and we hold to a high standard in the forming and finishing! Your concrete will be 4”thick, 4000psi and include two to four inches of road base with proper compaction of the sub-grade. In addition, we will be putting fiber in the mix to help against cracking. We do not pour new concrete if the temperature is below 38 degrees and we always order a straight City Mix and never add fly ash to our concrete which reduces the concrete strength well below 3,000psi.

2. CONCRETE RESURFACING. This is the least expensive alternative to make old weathered driveways, patios, porches and sidewalks look Brand New again for about half the cost of a full tear out and replacement. This is a commercial-grade cement overlay designed originally for applications on bridges and parking garages. This high-strength cement coating restores and protects old chipped and flaking concrete that comes from the Colorado freeze/thaw cycles, water intrusion and magnesium chloride deicers used in the winter for our icy roads. Our concrete overlay coatings consist of a proprietary cement and aggregate blend that include a polymer cement mix additive for high-strength bonding at 5,000psi. Our resurfacing materials are extremely durable and long-lasting concrete coatings that looks and performs just like newly poured concrete. If you are looking for color and stamp patterns or borders, we can provide an array of decorative colors, textures and patterns which can be added at any time.

3. DRIVEWAY POWER WASH AND TINTED COATING. Want your old looking driveway, sidewalk, and porch to look Brand New again? Driveways and other concrete areas with minor defects or just old, weathered and dull looking can be made to look like newly-poured concrete. If you would like to greatly improve your curb-appeal, you will definitely want to consider our concrete cleaning and surface renewal especially if you are thinking of selling your home. This service is very affordable at the cost of only $595 for an average size driveway.

Concrete work is not cheap and you don’t want the concrete to fail in a few years, so we suggest that you do your homework before selecting your contractor. We invite you to check us out! Please take time and go look at some of our completed jobs listed below and then see if NU-LOOK DRIVEWAYS is the right choice for your home improvement project. The very best way to select a contractor is to go see their work!

For driveway resurfacing, concrete driveway resurfacing, concrete replacement, and decorative garage floors, Nu-Look Driveways is the contractor you need to contact!

Our team makes all the right decisions when it comes to concrete removal; and it uses the most modern and effective tools, too. We are always one step ahead of the competition with regards to innovative procedures for our service. We also remain grounded in traditional methods that have always worked and always will. We are passionate about our craft and do not let any modern innovations or updates go unnoticed; we are constantly implanting new strategies and methods into our already great infrastructure.

Nu-Look Driveways is also punctual, efficient, and informative. All of this is especially pertinent with regards to driveway resurfacing. We will show up on time and remain loyal to the timetable that we set up for the project. Furthermore, we will let you know about what steps to take to maintain your driveway.

Decorative epoxy garage floors are also worth checking out from Nu-Look Driveways. Decorative epoxy garage floors are an affordable improvement to your current, ordinary garage floors. If you are looking to prevent tire marks and create an easier time for yourself when cleaning or maintaining your garage, this is a service you absolutely need to explore!

The technicians at Nu-Look Driveways are always prepared to assist our customers in whatever way possible. Do not hesitate to to make specific inquiries or pose specific stipulations! We are here to take care of your driveway needs, whatever they may be.

For all things tied to driveway resurfacing, concrete removal, and more, Nu-Look Driveways is your best choice. Get on the phone with our experts, and get the process started!