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Nu-Look Driveways does residential driveway resurfacing and commercial driveway resurfacing. Our work is precise and does not take long to complete. Our technicians are efficient, hard-working professionals with years of experience!

If want to save a lot of money, this is an ideal and less expensive way to get your driveway and other concrete surfaces looking brand new again. This is the perfect alternative to a full tear-out and replacement if your concrete has sunk, has numerous cracks, has chips, chaffing and just looks bad. We can fix it and your neighbors will think you just got a new driveway. Our concrete overlay is a commercial grade cement coating designed to restore concrete surfaces for homes and businesses. This resurfacing process is used by city and counties to repair concrete bridges, roads and parking garages and will last for many years and is about half the cost of a full removal and replacement.

Nu-Look Driveways executes a foolproof system for driveway resurfacing that will make your driveway look and feel better than it ever has before. First, we will make sure to clean off your entire driveway because a clean surface present an easier working space for our team to operate in. We will fill in any and all holes or cracks that are in your driveway with grout or sealant (of the highest quality, of course).

Our concrete dressing mix used to resurface is noted for its quality and durability. Clients all over the region enlist the services of Nu-Look Driveways for driveway resurfacing because they know that once we show up for driveway resurfacing, that driveway will be all set for years to come. There is no reason to work with a contractor that is going to give half the effort and subsequently do a less than average job on your driveway. For a surface that you will be engaging every day, you need to enlist a trusted professional.

Our team will be thorough during the texturing and drying process, and we will inform you about how to treat your driveway in the hours following our departure. It is important to not drive onto the resurface driveway until after 3 days following the resurfacing; sit our professionals will talk to you about this before leaving.

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